Compassionate Communication in Schools

Compassionate Communication in Schools is a program of Restorative Solutions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Compassionate Communication (inspired by Nonviolent Communication℠) began with teaching at two elementary and a middle school in Maui County public schools., where we served students aged 5-13. Our program uses games and creative exercises which offer practical and powerful tools for assisting staff and students understand their own needs as well those of others’, and creating win-win situations based on power-with relations instead of power struggles.

“I like how we were taught to enter the “calm zone,” how bullying other people affects their feelings, and how we are learning many ways of dealing with life problems.  I thank our teacher (Jonia) for teaching us about all of these new things.  I like everything that I’ve learned and I would not change anything. Thank you!” ~ 6th grade Kalama Intermediate School Student

The curriculum is based on Nonviolent Communication℠, the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, which teaches students relational skills critical for expressing their needs, and in communicating clearly and compassionately with others.
This helps create a classroom environment of respect and rapport and help students find alternatives to bullying or feeling victimized. Compassionate Communication helps students develop skills in problem solving, empathic listening and conflict resolution that will last a lifetime.

“It supports me” ~ 8th grade Kalama Intermediate School Student

Compassionate Communication in Schools responds to many school districts’ mandate to address the Classroom Environment—creating an environment of respect and rapport. It also addresses the mandate to manage Student Behavior.

“I learned that everyone has feelings” ~ 8th grade Kalama Intermediate School Student

RSM’s will develop a custom program for your school’s needs.

“I learned how to control anger and violence” ~ 8th grade Kalama Intermediate School Student

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“I learned that all feelings are equal” ~ 8th grade Kalama Intermediate School Student

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